2013 Milestones

  • April

    A devastating earthquake of 7.0 magnitude hit Lushan county, Ya’an in Sichuan province. China Telecom quickly restored the communications in the disaster area, provided hotlines for missing families and video conference assurance for the government, vigorously supporting the disaster relief works

  • June

    China Telecom successfully accomplished the communications safety assurance of Shenzhou – 10 spacecraft

  • August

    China Telecom jointly launched “YiChat” with NetEase, Inc. to create the new mobile Internet portal. It marked a new stage of cooperation between a telecommunications operator and an Internet company on joint development and operation of mobile instant messaging products as well as capital collaboration

  • November

    China Telecom’s 3G subscribers exceeded 100 million, accounting for more than 50% of total mobile subscribers

  • December

    • China Telecom was granted the permit to operate the LTE/4G digital cellular mobile service (TD-LTE), officially embarking on the 4G mobile operation era
    • China Telecom’s wireline broadband subscribers exceeded 100 million

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