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    China Telecom Corporation Limited’s H shares were listed on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited on 15 November 2002 and New York Stock Exchange as American Depositary Shares (ADSs) on 14 November 2002. ADSs are issued by The Bank of New York Mellon. Each ADS traded in the United States represents 100 ordinary H shares.

    Stock Code

    The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited
    New York Stock Exchange


    Share Price Performance

    2013 share priceHK$ per H shareUS$ per ADS

    Number of issued shares: (as at 31 December 2013)

    Market capitalization: (as at 31 December 2013)


        HK$317.3 billion

    Share price performance of China Telecom on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited versus Hang Seng Index (HSI) and MSCI World Telecom Service Sector Index (MSCI) from IPO on 15 November 2002 to 31 December 2013.

    Distribution of shares and shareholdings

    The share capital of the Company as at 31 December 2013 was RMB80,932,368,321, divided into 80,932,368,321 shares of RMB1.00 each. As at 31 December 2013, the share capital of the Company comprised:

    Number of sharesPercentage of the
    total number of shares
    Total number of Domestic shares:67,054,958,32182.85
    Domestic shares held by:
    China Telecommunications Corporation57,377,053,31770.89
    Guangdong Rising Assets Management Co., Ltd.5,614,082,6536.94
    Zhejiang Financial Development Company2,137,473,6262.64
    Fujian Investment & Development Group Co., Ltd969,317,1821.20
    Jiangsu Guoxin Investment Group Co., Ltd.957,031,5431.18
    Total number of H shares (including ADSs):13,877,410,00017.15

    Major shareholders of H shares

    The following table shows the major shareholders that exercised or controlled the exercise of 5% or above of H shares as at 31 December 2013:

    Name of shareholderNumber of sharesPercentage of the
    total number of
    H shares in issue
    Commonwealth Bank of Australia2,080,867,92414.99
    JPMorgan Chase & Co.1,536,081,87911.07
    BlackRock, Inc.1,301,821,4439.38

    Dividend History

    Financial YearEx-Dividend DateShareholder
    Approval Date
    Payment DateDividend
    per Share
    2002 Final16 May 200320 June 200310 July 20030.00837*
    2003 Final1 April 20043 May 200420 May 20040.065
    2004 Final21 April 200525 May 200523 June 20050.065
    2005 Final20 April 200623 May 200615 June 20060.075
    2006 Final26 April 200729 May 200715 June 20070.085
    2007 Final28 April 200830 May 200816 June 20080.085
    2008 Final23 April 200926 May 200930 June 20090.085
    2009 Final22 April 201025 May 201030 June 20100.085
    2010 Final18 April 201120 May 201130 June 20110.085
    2011 Final5 June 201230 May 201220 July 20120.085
    2012 Final4 June 201329 May 201319 July 20130.085
    2013 Final4 June 201429 May 201418 July 20140.095**
  • Annual Reports

    Our annual reports in both English and Chinese are now available through the Internet at The Company will file an annual report in Form 20-F for the year 2013 with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission by 30 April 2014.

    2013 Annual Report Survey

    Annual Report is a key communication channel between shareholders and the Company. Last year, we received around 100 questionnaires of “Your Views on Annual Report 2012”. Each of these responses benefited us in enhancing and further improving our annual reports. We are deeply indebted to the respondents for their constructive responses. In accordance with our commitment, we have to donate HK$50 for each questionnaire received. In this regard, we have donated a sum of HK$10,000 to the charitable organisation, WWF. In addition, we have already implemented the suggestion of allowing shareholders to choose means of receipt and language of corporate communication to enhance environmental protection and cost savings.

    We value and are eager to keep hearing your comments on our annual report for our further improvement in the future. It is highly appreciated if you could spare your precious time to complete the questionnaire of “Your Views on Annual Report 2013”, as attached in this annual report, and return it by post or fax to us at +852 2877 0988. You can also fill in the electronic form at our website,

  • Annual General Meeting

    To be held at 11 a.m. on 29 May 2014 in Grand Hyatt Hong Kong

    Registered office



        31 Jinrong Street
        Xicheng District
        PRC 100033
        86 10 6642 8166
        86 10 6601 0728

    Any enquiries relating to the strategic development or operations of China Telecom Corporation Limited, please contact the Investor Relations Department:

    Investor Relations Department


        852 2877 9777
        852 2877 0988

    Any enquiries relating to your shareholding, for example transfers of shares, change of name or address, loss of share certificates, please contact the H share registrar:

    H share registrar

    Computershare Hong Kong Investor Services Limited



        Shops 1702–1706, 17th Floor
        Hopewell Centre
        183 Queen’s Road East
        Hong Kong
        852 2862 8555
        852 2865 0990

    Any enquiries relating to ADSs, please contact the depositary:

    ADS depositary

    The Bank of New York Mellon




        Investor Services
        P.O. Box 11258
        Church Street Station
        New York, NY 10286-1258
        1-888-269-2377 (toll free in USA)
        1-212-815-3700 (international)

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